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The Best Way to Look Good Each Day

Hey bud, Happy Thursday! So i’ve posted my feature article below but i’m also testing two different interactive video players… Coolix and InteractR (so they play the same video article) – just letting you know. Enjoy! InteractR below: The Best Way to Look Good Each Day By Susan Leigh Some people think that looking good…

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Sneak In More Activity

Happy Monday Bud! Here’s today quick tip…   – Take a 10-minute brisk walk for every 50 minutes working in front of a computer – Take the stairs instead of the elevator – Park at the far end of the parking lot instead of the front – Bike or walk to work instead if you…


july 11

[spp-player url=”″]   [spp-transcript][00:00:01] Testing testing testing. This is July eleven m twenty eighteen July eleven twenty doing a test again with the simple sending this app the simple podcast press plugin in and the app.[/spp-transcript]

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