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Looking to start your own business?

Looking for passive, part-time income?

CTFO™ is a Powerful Financial Freedom Vehicle, Driven by Market Demand for Hemp CBD Oil Wellness Products.

Listen, have ever heard the saying: Don’t put your eggs all in one basket?

I’m all about diversifying income streams. I love getting that text message that comes in on my mobile (this company pays weekly – is their payroll gateway)

So… What is Network Marketing? How do I make money?!?

We’ve got a vehicle for you to diversify your income using referral marketing. (something you’re doing already – recommending to people to a good deal or product!)

NO Personal Purchase is Ever Required to Get Paid!

NO Gimmicks, NO Gotchas… People all across America love CTFO CBD products so much, we’re giving everyone a

  • FREE home business (create additional income streams for you) 
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Network Marketing aka Referral-based Business Opportunity

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CBD is the part of the cannabis plant that doesn’t get you “high” like the THC side of the plant. It is typically used for health reasons instead of for recreational purposes. The Hemp Oil products are either derived from industrial hemp plants or marijuana plants.

The Hemp Business Journal estimates that the CBD derivatives market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020 with $450 million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources. That’s a 700% increase from 2016. In 2015, the market for consumer sales of hemp-derivative products was $90 million, plus another $112 million in marijuana-derived products which were sold through dispensaries – bringing a total CBD oil market to $202 million last year.

How does earning 20% residual pay from all voluntary purchases of CTFO’s Hemp Oil products sound?

For details on our unique compensation plan – check out the video below

What is CBD/Hemp Oil?

CTFO New Products Video Catalog Released Oct. 5, 2018