Your website is doing better…

Want to know when your website is down or having issues loading? Use this free online tool below: Sign up below, I personally use Downnotifier. I once used to use uptimerobot along with downnotifier but switched to just using downnotifier emails as emails were coming in quicker (first) in my inbox when I had issues […]

Use these place to help inspire through photos

Hey, Happy Wednesday bud! Yesterday was my moms would be 71st bday. I did an unboxing of a medal of a challenge our team Team Bee Positive completed. You can check out the photos below. My mom was always so inspiring and colorful. Sometimes, your blog post or webpages might need some images for inspiration […]

A pop up box that’s ridiculously easy to use

Hey friend, I’ve got another new WordPress plugin for you. Pop Up Maker is a useful plugin that’s a great, free way to get a simple popup onto your website So simple to set up pop – display your video pop up or begin building your list today with! Now, although I am using this […]