Support Groups Can Make a Difference

When you are dealing with an adverse situation, you may feel like you are all alone. It seems the bigger the problems, the more alone you feel. However, other people have dealt with the same situation, or at least, something similar before. They can help you get through it and give you the support you […]

Are you a solopreneur in need of a helpdesk?

Hey solopreneur, Need a customer support area for your business? Check out Abhisi What’s Abhisi All About Customers who need your help want an answer on the spot. Though businesses have gotten better at providing help, questions still take longer to answer than most of us like. With a tool like Abhisi, you can now […]

Would you find this useful?

Hey- I’m using this desktop app, Shift, for managing my Gmail accounts (including Calendar, Drive) + all of the web apps I use daily. It’s saving me tons of time, and I thought you might find it useful too. You can get it for free with my referral link (just follow that link). Can’t […]

The Dangers Of Neglecting Self-Care

The Dangers Of Neglecting Self-Care Let’s look at the major warning signs to pay attention to before things turn for the worse and some short and long-term effects associated with neglecting self-care. Fatigue/Insomnia — Do you feel like no matter how much sleep you are getting you still feel tired? Maybe you are tossing and […]

Self-Care Doesn’t Have To Cost Anything

Self-Care Doesn’t Have To Cost Anything Money may be tight and you might not be able to find flex in your budget to add a lot of new things to your life. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. Believe it or not, self-care doesn’t have to cost anything. There are plenty of things […]

10 Characteristics Of Happy People

Hey bud, hope your day going well so far… here’s a new video article. Do the thing and you will have the power. – Ralph Waldo Emerson 10 Characteristics Of Happy People We tend to notice a happy person from a mile away because it is so rare to find someone who exudes genuine and […]