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Explain Your Ideas Easier For Course Creators Or On Remote Meetings Using This Tool! Updated for 2021

What’s up fam! Here’s a simple tool to better explain your ideas and notes in your online course or during remote meetings. Just slide it over your built in webcam. Only 25 bucks. Here’s the LINK Enjoy and make it a great day! Adriel

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Waitress’ Reason It’s Slower Than Usual Business May Shock You

Just this other day, we treated ourselves for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant in Hollywood called Yai’s. You see, I sold my SUV earlier that day. My Toyota Sequoia is 18 years old with 181,300 miles. Still running but in slightly less than fair conditions. It had been sitting parked for the majority of…

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Does This Blue-Haired Boy Have Super Powers?

It’s Tuesday. Just a little over two weeks ago, one of my favorite, local idols…a worldwide known basketball legend passed away. I respected Kobe, even more, when he transferred his passionate of basketball after retirement investing even more time with his family, his wife, and doing his very best in raising his girls (as I…

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2 Inspiration Quotes for you.. Updated for 2020

Happy Saturday, January 25, 2020 I’m currently sitting in my car, using the WordPress app on my iPhone… Ran across these two great quotes I’d like to share... I am bigger than anything that can happen to me. All these things, sorrow, misfortune, and suffering, are outside my door. I am in the house and…