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Would you find this useful?

Hey- I’m using this desktop app, Shift, for managing my Gmail accounts (including Calendar, Drive) + all of the web apps I use daily. It’s saving me tons of time, and I thought you might find it useful too. You can get it for free with my referral link https://tryshift.com/referral/e/9c3b/adriel.yapana/ (just follow that link). Can’t…

Product Dyno Review – Does This Platform Live Up to the Hype?
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Product Dyno Review – Does This Platform Live Up to the Hype?

Hi, This is the main membership system software I use. It’s called Product Dyno. It’s SUPER simple and easy to use 🙂 Product Dyno Review – Does This Platform Live Up to the Hype? There’s a good chance you’ve been hearing a lot of positive things about Product Dyno. But maybe you have a few…

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Become a More Effective and Productive Person Continued – Tips 2 through 10

For Tip number one, go HERE It’s Adriel of AlivePreneur with Tips 2 through 10 Mindset Series Mindset #2: I have achieved stuff in the past so that I can coast now Please remember that your ability to do stuff erodes with time. I’m not just talking about physical action here. I’m talking about mental…

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Don’t give yourself so much time you constantly run out of time

When you’re setting deadlines for yourself, make sure you select the right deadline. You have to understand the reason why deadlines exist in the first place. They’re not just about putting some chronological restraints on a particular project. While there’s a lot of value to that, there’s something more to deadlines that strict, time-based parameters….

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The Dangers Of Neglecting Self-Care

The Dangers Of Neglecting Self-Care Let’s look at the major warning signs to pay attention to before things turn for the worse and some short and long-term effects associated with neglecting self-care. Fatigue/Insomnia — Do you feel like no matter how much sleep you are getting you still feel tired? Maybe you are tossing and…

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Let Time Management Software Help with Your Routines

The program can be as simple as alerting you when a certain task needs starting or when one is due. Most email packages will let you do this. If that is not available in your email package, you can find free scheduling or calendar packages online. If all else fails, Google has a calendar package…