About Me

Hi I’m Adriel.


So….what’s AlivePreneur.com (AdrielTV.com) about?

My mission is to help others feel more alive and
productive with their life and business – online and off.

My intent is to help by preventing additional stress and suffering when
creating online assets such as a course, WordPress website, kindle book, info products, marketing pages such as sales pages, sales funnels or membership sites etc. for entrepreneurs. I also love the ideas of side hustles and also sharing my passion for health and wellness. I’ll do this by sharing the best tools and resources I know so that you can fulfill your potential and live with more love, fun, peace, and profit all while
living life, fully alive!

Essentially, this place is to dedicated to everyone who is searching for a more meaningful and joyful life. 

Be an AlivePreneur!



For me, building a successful online business is all about THEM… MY OHANA

Plenty of inspiration also comes from my parents. Read my post here about MY MAMA



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** Please Note** Typos and Grammar errors

You might encounter typos and grammar errors because a lot of times I post from mobile (using voice recognition). I am my own editor (and my editing skills s*cks). On that note, the big thing I want is creating a LIFE CHANGERS community. So ACT, IMPLEMENT and TAKE ACTION.
What actions will you take? What are your first and next steps? How will you prioritize them? Let me know your results – chat soon.

Let’s connect!  Simply email me hello[at]adrieltv[dot]com (or adrielonline[at]gmail[dot]com) or fill out the form below and I’ll answer as soon as I can.


Much love,


Special note about any grammar, typos and formatting issues found.

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