Productivity Starts with the Right Mindset

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Anything that you want can be changed if you have the right
mindset. Your mind is your most powerful tool and your biggest challenger when
it comes to productivity. Your mind is the thing that tells you to wait until tomorrow
or to watch one more episode instead of starting your work.

Your mind is also capable of incredible power to push you in the right direction.

By entering the right mindset, you can set yourself up for
success and increase your productivity!
Mindset is crucial to
beginning to change your work habits and strengthen good work routines as well as kicking unhelpful and unproductive habits and routines to the curb!

But how can you change your mindset? If you are looking for a
long-term change, you can change your mindset by creating
new neural pathways in your brain related to your workday and
productivity by practicing a variety of mindfulness and mental exercises.

Short term, there are a variety of techniques you can use at the moment to help your mindset enter a positive and productive state.

Changing your mindset at the moment is a challenge for some people.

However, it is not something to be afraid of! Just as previously stated, your mind is your best tool. You have ownership of your mind. It is yours, and therefore you can create any change you want!

To help create a more positive and productive mindset quickly,
try meditation.

Mediation may seem like a long-term solution, but taking a moment to reduce your stress through meditation is extraordinarily helpful.

Meditation is known to reduce stress,
lower blood pressure, help return the body to homeostasis, and
even lower the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your body.

This happens all through the breath. Deep and full breathing is a core aspect
of mediation and can help oxygenate the blood.

We tense our shoulders, back, or stomach when we get stressed at work.
We begin to take shallower and shorter breaths.

Taking long and slow deep breaths can help increase your
blood oxygen levels and increase blood flow to your brain to help sharpen your focus.

Mediation can also be practiced daily to see even stronger long-
term results of relaxation and increased focus while working.
Another long-term or short-term practice you can incorporate
into your mindset training is yoga!

Yoga is not only for flexible people, it is for everyone. A yoga practice can help you to
increase blood flow around your body to help increase focus and productivity at work.

It is also great to get your body moving if you feel unproductive!
Yoga can help relieve tension in your muscles which makes you
feel better! Yoga is also highly meditative because there is a
huge focus on the breath. Yoga is a positive form of movement
that can help turn your mindset into a more positive place.

Another way to change your mindset is to change the way you think about work and productivity.

If you tell yourself, “I have to do this project, and I don’t want to,”
you are going to be unhappy while doing it and avoid starting!

You will drag it out because you do not feel like it and you will make your mindset worse. Try speaking and thinking about your tasks in a more positive way! Try “I get to do this task and show off my skills!”

Changing the way you think about something will change your
mindset over time.
You can also change your workspace to be
helpful towards your productivity. For example, if you tend to get
distracted when you go get a glass of water, then put a glass or
pitcher of water in your workspace. Optimizing your workspace
for our needs increases your mindset’s positivity and helps you get over
the productivity block!

Your mindset can and will fluctuate throughout the day, starting
clear and typically positive in the morning and tapering into a
more negative outlook by early afternoon. Our mindsets can
change as easily as the weather and often change along with
our emotions.
Mastering how you emotionally relate to your
workspace and environment is integral to mastering
your mindset!

Learn to identify when and why your mood begins to shift
throughout the day.
Midday burnout? Hungry around 3 but
dinner is still hours away? Feeling stiff or cramped at a desk?
Identify what brings your mood down and find a solution!

For example, maybe for burnout, keep track of all the things you
have done so far! Seeing all you have accomplished that day
can boost your motivation, which can boost your
productivity! If you get hungry (or rather, hangry,) after lunch
and before dinner, try eating a lunch that is more filling with
more protein! Or keep a snack in your workspace. If you get stiff
at a desk or workspace, get up!
Stretch and walk around for a moment.

Get your mindset right, your productivity will rock!

Much love,



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