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Reframing A Situation Updated for 2022

Updated: June 27, 2022

The topic today is on reframing a situation.

Have you ever had a bad day that constantly seems to get worse? 

You overslept…

You spilled hot chai latte on your shirt…

You maybe couldn’t find street parking space after circling the block three times….

Maybe your boss is in a foul mood or your teenager won’t talk to you….

Everyone has these days and YOU CAN’T prevent them.

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However, being mindful means you don’t have to be a victim of a bad day either. You can overcome these negative emotions through the power of being present. A key component of living in the present involves understanding that you are actively creating the present by entertaining or accepting certain thoughts, feelings, and actions. That means you can either create a better day simply by willing it to be so you can do this by reframing the situation and looking for the positives here. Instead of focusing that you

For example, you overslept, you might say “my body needed the rest”, like beads on a string, you were connecting negative events.

Now you’re changing the narrative and focusing on the positive that’s happening all around you.
For example, you might say, my partner bought me a latte since she knew I wanted one.

My coworker took notes for me during the meeting that I missed.

My client understood when I expressed a need for more information.

At first, reframing the situation might feel uncomfortable.
Once you get grumpy, it’s hard to overcome that.

However, you can choose to focus on the good even if right now your emotions are telling you that nothing good is happening.

Remember, you are in charge here. 
You are creating your present in every moment. 

-Adriel Yapana

Until next time, peace, love, and live fully live.


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