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Learning What Makes People Tick

Updated: September 17, 2021

Hey, What’s good! 

it’s Adriel. 

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And this video is about learning about what makes people tick.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau:
The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. 

A couple of years ago, we were staying at the Disneyland Park Hotel for a few days.

And one of the perks of being a hotel guest is something called the “Extra Magic Hour”, where we can go inside the park one hour before the park opens.

So if the park opens at 8 for the general public, we can go in at 7 am. 

Let me tell you, getting my kids up early on any regular day would be a challenge. 
But over there at Disneyland with the extra magic hour opportunity, and the fun factor.

They were up and ready by 6 am. No problems having to wake up, the motivation was definitely there. motivating others requires them to be willing, just as my kids were extremely willing to get up extra early. On the flip side, if someone is hard set and not doing something, there will be little you can do to change that and you may find yourself in a struggle.

Do you feel me? 

Motivating others is about formulating a plan that aligns with their needs and yours. 

The alignment could require some compromise in the process. When you learn what others are about, you can customize each plan accordingly. 
Motivation is about communicating and listening than barking orders. 

I suggest you try to find out what the other person’s “why” is. And what when you’re trying to inspire them to take action. It’s about getting people to recognize the importance of the work or task at hand but also to find out the reasons why this work is important to them. You must allow them to take the initiative and own the problem and their solution.

And I’ll end with this quote:

You never know what makes some people tick until you let them unwind.

Talk soon – live fully alive,



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