What Causes You to Procrastinate?

Hey bud,

Last Saturday I had blocked some time to focus on a personal project.

I put off working on a part chapter or should I say, more like a module for an online course I’m working on.

Then the phone rings and I answer….

“Hey, want to go out for some Korean BBQ?” My friend asks as I’m about to setting in on the table to do some work.

I answered “Let’s go!, I’ll put our name down on the waiting list and meet you there!”

Well there is goes – my PRIORITIES.

I messed up.

What area do you put your priorities? How committed are you?

I’m busy with the family most day during the weekdays so my aim in to give a good chunk of time for my side hustle projects on the weekends.

I knew this online course would slowly coming together if I worked on it in small chunks of time.

After all, I’d been thinking of creating (and finishing) this online course project for the 2 months.

One of these days, is none of these days.

– Proverbs

But for some reason I procrastinated…again.

I need to re-commit.

What is causing me to procrastinate when I have big projects coming up?

To understand why you procrastinate, you need to identify the underlying cause, motivation, or pain point.

Is it that you don’t feel confident in your skills?

If this is the reason, how can you build your confidence? Just by taking action and beginning the project? Asking for guidance?

Are you letting yourself become overwhelmed with everyone’s else’s needs first?

Is it a matter of not saying no when everyone is asking for your time? Can you get help or have someone else help others?

Is there a way to put your stuff first?

Can you simply tell others “no” when you need more time for tasks?

Or is the reason simply that you don’t know where to start?

Can you break the project or task down into smaller tasks until you know exactly where to start?

Once you can pinpoint down the reason why you procrastinate you can begin finding ways to beat it.

I’m focused and going to finish this project by the end of this month.

Until next time,



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