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A clever little tool for your online calls

Updated: February 26, 2021

Have you been on a web call where the host is reading from a document on the screen, and not looking directly at the lens or I should say, the attendees of the call?

Kinda feels disconnected, right?

The other day I was on a lengthy video call with my daughters teacher.

I have my webcam mounted on a tripod a much higher the top of my laptop built-in webcam since I work from a standing work area.

We’d talk. I’d look at the screen to see her but then look up to respond as my camera.

I’d like to make the eye contact better while doing these video calls so I’m backing up this little tool from Kickstarter called “Center Cam”

With this lens, you as close are of the guest/host on your video call or you can place it near the script where you are reading from as you’re on the video call.

Now you can connect with better eye to eye connection on your web video calls.

Live purposeful,


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