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Shape Up – My 21-Day New Year Fitness Jump Start List Updated for 2021

Updated: February 28, 2021

By Adriel Yapana

A lot of people tend to set goals at the beginning of each year but sooner (like, by the next month) tend to falter. Notice that gyms are less crowded by the end of February?

Here’s a list you can follow to help you with your new goals. Feel free to call or email me if you need more details at support (at) adriel yapana (dot) com

Here are 21 tips to help you stay motivated towards your fitness goals:

1. Taste Success. Do this by visualizing first in your minds’ eye. See, feel, touch it as if it’s true. Your dream body come true already present. Follow up with actions steps to get there.

2. Challenge Yourself. I’m talking about workout challenge. Push your self when you do train. Most people spin their wheels and kill time in the gym. Don’t be that person. Move with a purpose. Maintain a challenging intensity.

3. Step Up Accountability. You can work with a trainer or join a fitness group class. Staying consistent is much easier with a buddy who takes their health seriously. Plus it takes the temptation to take days off.

4. Plate Smaller. You want to effortlessly lose weight? Then use smaller plates. You’ll automatically have less space to fill up and reduce your calorie intake.

5. Don’t drink your calories and opt for water instead. Add lime for flavor.

6. Eat every 3 to 3 and a half hours to maintain a steady metabolism by eating a snack or meal.

7. Perform High Intensity Interval Training during your workout. Yes, this is going to require high bursts of energy instead of a consistent state but you’ll burn more calories in less time.

8. Eat unprocessed, high fiber, low fat meals and snacks.

9. Say “Hey, I need help” to a fitness professional. Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

10. Do you want success? Will-power doesn’t work. What works is Want-it-power. Do you want it bad enough?

11. Watch your fat intake. Fat contains almost twice the calorie density than protein or carbohydrates.

12. Read labels. Watch out for packages that say ‘health food’ on the front part. Be proactive on your nutritional intake. Make this a habit.

13. Hire a Trainer or find a workout partner that is in better shape than you. This can help when you need inspiration.

14. Avoid eating foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates.

15. Avoid negative self talk. Enough said.

16. Are you ready for a challenge? What happens when you follow the same routine? That’s right, most hit a plateau.

You’ll want to increase intensity, change your reps, weights or get a program overhaul. Break through and get results.

17. Whole Greens. Yes, the fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good for you and help benefit your health in many ways. Try and go organic if you can.

18. Do cardio after weight training. Burn your stored sugars first during your strength training and burn more fat during your cardio time.

19. Set specific, measurable goals. Take action steps and list resources that you’ll need to get results.

20. Balance Breakfast every morning. Don’t skip breakfast and eat healthy.

21. Believe in your goals. Surround yourself with positive people. You must be open to receiving success in your life. You can make it happen. I know you can.

Do me a favor and print this list out. View it often. Stay consistent during this wonderful new decade and year 20 20 and you’ll achieve sweet success in no time. Again, feel free to reach me via email at support (at)t adriel yapana (dot) com

To your success – it’s your time,


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1 year ago

Another great list to follow – thanks!