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7 Ways A Vision Board (or Alchemy Box) Can Improve Your Life and Business Updated for 2021

Updated: February 27, 2021

7 Ways A Vision Board (or an Alchemy Box) Can Improve Your Life and Business

Write a Book

I’ve dreamed of writing a book since I was in high school.
Never really got around to pursuing it but when we had
Adison David (my youngest son), I decided it was finally time. I had written pieces of it
throughout the years but finally, put the finishing touches the year he was born.
I had used my alchemy box which included pictures of a man daydreaming,
a spacious office, a copy of one writer’s schedule, I even used a
mock book cover with the title ofthe book so I could hold in my hand
to help visualize it.The book was published in 2013. Transform Yourself
Download the book here:

Stories of others using vision boards…

Marcy felt stuck in her life and her business. She’d been a virtual
assistant for years, but she didn’t have any lifestyle freedom. If she
took a day off or went on vacation, her income stopped because she was
a service provider.

She also wanted to create more community in her personal life. Since
she works from home, Marcy doesn’t have a pool of co-workers to hang
out with. She recently moved to a new town where doesn’t know many of
the residents.

Marcy’s coach suggested that she create a vision board. A vision board
is a way of visualizing the life or business of your dreams. They are
amazingly effective, and the reason is simple – what the mind sees, it
can create!

When you cast a vision for yourself, your subconscious goes to work
creating that reality. Plus, a vision board can be used in so many
different ways…

Change Your Habits

Stacey wanted to give up smoking. She’d been trying to quit for years
but never managed to stop for longer than a few days. She blamed
herself for her lack of willpower and motivation.

A friend recommended she create a vision board showing life without
nicotine. Although Stacey thought the advice sounded strange, she did
it anyway.

She created a board with pictures of a woman with whiter teeth (no
more yellow teeth), a woman enjoying fresh clean laundry (no more
smoke smell), and a woman saving money (no more money on cigarettes).
These images reminded her of the benefits of her new choice.

Every time Stacey got the urge to smoke, she would pull out her vision
board and study it. She’d think about how wonderful her life would be
when she was completely smoke-free. Within a few weeks, she was happy
to report that she’d kicked the habit for good.

Create a Community

Since Marcy wanted to build a community around herself, she made a
vision board that showcased happy friends doing activities together.
She also included photos of women joining social clubs, going dancing,
and signing up to volunteer. The images inspired her so much that she
did many of those exact things and quickly began to create a tribe.

Many people struggle with building strong relationships. In today’s
fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly connected
and yet you’re desperate for intimacy. By creating a vision board, you
can consider which types of activities you enjoy so you can seek out
others with shared interests.

Get a Degree

Patricia wanted to finish her college degree. She’d dropped out when
she was pregnant with her first child and put on bedrest. A few years
later when her son was signing up for first grade, Patricia knew it
was time to go back to school.

She knew the battle would be uphill since she was a single mother
without much money. But Patricia decided to start by creating a vision
board. On it, she pasted photos of diplomas, graduation caps, and even
a letter with the words “financial aid” stamped on it.

Travel the World

Isabelle wanted to travel the world. She’d been planning to go for
years but something always seemed to get in the way. It was just never
the right time…until she created a vision board.

She gave serious thought to what she’d need to do to make her dream
happen. Then she took photos of herself doing those activities and put
them together on her poster. She had a picture of herself getting rid
of clutter (to remind her to downsize), learning another language (so
she could be fluent), and putting money in a piggy bank (to remind her
to save up).

A year later, Isabelle found herself on a plane with her passport in
hand. All of her visualizations had worked and now she can happily
travel the world.

Create More Energy

Diane frequently felt fatigued and had to drag herself through each
day. When a trip to the doctor revealed that nothing was amiss with
her health, Diane resolved to make serious changes to her routines.

She created a vision board to remind herself of the changes she
wanted to make. They included images of a woman going to bed early, a
happy woman practicing mediation, and another woman enjoying life
without a digital device.

Often, we think of energy as something we do or don’t have. But energy
is what you create by the choices you make. A vision board can help
you design habits that create the energy level you crave.

Make Passive Income

Marcy was well-paid as a virtual assistant. But she wanted the freedom
to take a few days off without worrying about paying her bills. So,
she decided it was time to focus on making more passive income in her

She designed a vision board that showed a woman building an email
list, another woman confidently networking with other entrepreneurs,
and a woman creating digital products for sale.

When Marcy found it difficult to block off time for her projects, she
would look at her vision board. She would remember the life she was
trying to create and how amazing it would feel when she had
implemented these steps.

Why Are Vision Boards So Darn Effective?

Now that you’ve read the stories of successful women who have used
vision boards to create what they want, you might be wondering what it
is about vision boards. How is it they make success possible for so
many? Especially when these same women may have tried (and failed) in
the past to create what they want?

The answer is actually quite simple: many people think in pictures.
When you envision your life, think about what you want.

Most people do the opposite and that’s a crucial mistake. They think
about how they don’t want to end up alone or they don’t want to go
broke. Unfortunately, your mind responds to the picture of you alone
or broke and goes to work creating this scenario.

The good news is that you can create the life you do want by feeding
your mind a new image. Imagine what you want to happen and begin
taking positive steps in the right direction. Envision your life as if
you’re already where you want to be.

By training your mind to visualize your success, you’ve taken an
important first step toward success. You may not get there tomorrow
but one day, you’ll wake up and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful and
wonderful your life seems.

All the best,


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