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Run, Mac… Run! Sweep Your Bad boy With This Cleaner Updated for 2021

Updated: June 17, 2021

It was in of October 2018.

I turned on my MacBook pro (late 2015) and launched my chrome browser to do some “work”.

I immediately started getting redirects to various web pages (some weird pharmaceutical websites).

I’d close the webpages and they’d show up despite pop up blockers and updating my security settings.

Sometime recentlyu, I had downloaded some malware app – on my mac!

I tried using a malware app.. started with the letter “Mo” I think. Can’t remember at the moment
because I deleted the app from my computer. Ran it and cleaned my mac computer.. but was still getting these web page redirects. It wasn’t complete in tracking this malware.

I then downloaded MacPaw’s app, CleanMyMac3.

It found the malware and removed it. The CleanMyMac X did the job! Now my mac notebook is running smoothly.

Awesome app. It’s been over 6 months and my MacBook aka “silver bullet” 13.3-inch laptop is running as smooth and fast as ever. Highly recommend it.

Check it out.
MacPaw specializes in creating Mac software with outstanding design and usability

It’s your time,


If you do screen recording, I highly recommend Screen-Cast-omatic or ScreenFlow or Camtasia

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