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Are you a solopreneur in need of a helpdesk? Updated for 2021

Updated: June 19, 2021

Hey solopreneur,

Need a customer support area for your business?

Check out Abhisi

What’s Abhisi All About

Customers who need your help want an answer on the spot.

Though businesses have gotten better at providing help, questions still take longer to answer than most of us like.

With a tool like Abhisi, you can now eliminate the cost and hassle of using multiple half-baked products for customer service.

This all-in-one sales and support solution is designed to help you communicate faster and better with your customers.

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Abhisi will make you look like a support rockstar in a variety of ways.

Abhisi lets you respond to customers in an efficient and timely manner on all popular channels they prefer contacting you: email, chat, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, SMS, help docs, and phone.

Thanks to quick predefined automated replies, time is now on your side, along with automating other components of the process – assigning tasks to team members, tagging messages, sending notifications, etc.

With all communication from one place, customers won’t slip through the cracks. RESULT: More satisfied customers that are likely to refer their friends and family.

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It’s your time,


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