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Find New Workouts You Can Do Updated for 2021

Updated: March 5, 2021

Find New Workouts You Can Do

When you have an injury, it often means you can’t complete your normal fitness routine. Perhaps you have been running every day, but with a sprained ankle you have to take a break, or you can no longer use the treadmill because it is hard on your knees. While this can be frustrating, it is also a good time to try new things and discover other workouts you can still do. Here are some new workouts you might want to try.

Work a Different Part of the Body

One good way to find a brand new exercise while you are recovering from your injury is to focus on something that works a different part of the body. For example, if you have injured your ankle, you can try something that primarily works your upper body. This can be weight lifting or something like kettlebells. There are some lunges and squats that push pressure on your ankle, but you can modify these moves and still get a great workout.

Walking is Good For Most Injuries

While there are some exceptions, walking is usually a good exercise you can do when you are recovering from injuries. You can choose where you want to walk, your intensity, and how long. This is what is so great about it. To turn it into a new workout, try changing the scenery like walking close to a large body of water instead of on a treadmill, or taking a hike through the park. With hiking, just remember that if you have a back or shoulder injury, the backpack you carry might be too much while healing.

Try Swimming and Water Aerobics

Getting into the pool is not only refreshing but can be a wonderful workout when you are recovering from injuries. It is really gentle on your body and the water takes all the pressure off your joints. So, whether you through your shoulder out or you sprained your wrist, you can definitely handle some water workouts. Water aerobics really gets you moving, but there is nothing wrong with just swimming laps to get in a good water workout.

Give Yoga a Try

Yoga is often recommended for various types of injuries because it helps to stretch out your joints, while providing a low-impact workout. It tones your body and works on flexibility, which can also be good for injuries, and it shouldn’t affect most extremities. Of course, don’t be afraid to modify moves as needed.

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