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Exercises That Are Gentle on Your Hips Updated for 2021

Updated: June 17, 2021

Exercises That Are Gentle on Your Hips

If you have hip pain, either from a previous injury or simply due to a bad hip, then you may be wondering how you can still exercise and stay in shape. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do even with a bad hip. The following exercises are a little gentler on your hips.


While the treadmill can be a little hard on your hips since walking on a hard surface is difficult, the elliptical is something else entirely. This can actually be more of a smooth cardio workout, where there isn’t as much tension and stress on your legs and hips. People have even noted that their knees can handle an elliptical a little better than a treadmill. Try adding just a few minutes of elliptical training per day to burn calories while staying fit.

Seated Workouts

If you recently had hip surgery, you are probably told that the more weight you put on your legs, the more painful it is going to be. While you are recovering, or if you just have a bad hip, you should try workouts while sitting down. There are a lot of amazing seated workouts that will keep you in shape without affecting your hips at all. They range from doing all your weight lifting while sitting down, to moving your legs in various positions to get them working as well.

Resistance Training

Resistance Training is often done just standing or even sitting down. While you might need to modify some exercises, this can be something that is easy on your hips. One great way is by using a TRX. The TRX, which stands for total-body resistance exercise, uses a strap that provides suspension for your resistance training. It is very easy on all of your joints, but a good workout for your muscles. Most gyms will provide a TRX you can use, or you can get a set on your own and use them at home.

There are instructions that come with the TRX to show you how to set it up and where to use it safely. You can start slow, then gradually increase your intensity as you get used to the workout. Add it to your fitness routine along with other workouts that are easy on your hips, and you will be staying fit even while your hip continues to heal.

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