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Give It All You’ve Got, Baby!

You’ve got something you’ve been flirting with it creating for a while.

An idea for a podcast show you want to launch or a book you want to publish on Kindle – or maybe a new membership program.

Whatever the idea, whatever the reason, you’re looking at a project that excites you and perhaps terrifies you a little bit.

Is now the time?  Are you procrastinating even a little bit?  

Let’s shake that off.  Get ready now, because it’s time to give it all you’ve got!

What Does “Give It All You’ve Got” Look Like?

To ‘Give All You’ve Got’, you’ve certainly got to know what you’ve got, right?

So, make a few lists of what you have to work with:

Tap Your Skills
What skills do you bring to the table? What are you naturally good at? Answering these questions can help you pinpoint your strengths.
Examples: Love to talk, great at meeting and making friends, graphic design skills, experience in photoshop, know how to set up an email list, great at writing descriptions.

Tap Your Resources
Now that you’re armed with a list of strengths, take a look at your resources. Your resources can include things like white label content you’ve purchased, memberships you subscribe to, and digital courses you’ve bought.
Look over what resources you have and make a quick list. Is there anything that you can use to help you with this new project? Maybe your white label content has a tutorial included to help you handle something technical. Or your membership offered a bonus package of call-to-action buttons. Write down everything you think you might be able to use.

Examples: Setting up your wordpress blog, LeadPages, ActiveCampaign autoresponder, Copywriting Course, changing your Hosting, Photoshop
What Do You Think You Need That You Don’t Have Now?
Example: Good WordPress Theme

Tap Your Friends & Family
Make other people in your life a part of your dream.  Share your hopes with your significant other and enlist his or her support in helping you make time for the project.  Is it time to hire a part time housekeeper or baby sitter to help out so you can focus?

Who might be tapped to help with the kids?  Would your parents or siblings be willing to give you some uninterrupted time now and then?  Make requests and watch people surprise you with their support and encouragement.
What are your requests?

Examples: Can my older sister take the kids to the library program or to chuck e cheese on Wednesday nights so I can focus on my marketing?

Tap Your Business Circles
Now it’s time to look at who you know. What online business groups are you part of? Do you meet up with a monthly mastermind? Are you part of an offline business group that you periodically meet up with?

When you have a large circle of business friends, they can give you advice and recommendations about how to tackle your project. If you want to know how to create a cover for your Kindle book, reach out to your group. You could say something simple like: “I don’t know how to do set up my Aweber or Active Campaign autoresponder. Who do you recommend I outsource it to?

Friends in Business:

Enlist your circle of influence early and often.  This not only helps you over bumps in the road, it helps them to buy into what you’re doing so they can help you promote when it’s ready.

Tap a Business Coach

Another wonderful resource to have in your corner is a business coach. Business coaches can provide accountability and support, making it easier for you to achieve your goals. A good coach will not only guide you through your journey but can also help if you get stuck.

Before you sign up to work with a coach, consider whether you’re looking for group coaching or one-on-one coaching. The advantage of group coaching is that you have a network of other go-getters working hard to live their dreams. This can spur you to take action and keep you energized and enthusiastic about your projects.
Keep your inventory where you can easily reference it and add to it.

Perhaps move these lists over to Evernote or Trello for easy access from anywhere.

Next… The Action Plan
Start with a loose timeline and begin to develop an action plan. What needs to happen first?  Then next… and next! Don’t worry about having it all figured out.  All anyone ever needs to know is what they’re doing next.
If you’re stuck on this part, go right to that list of Coaches you’d like to work with and figure out which one would be most natural to assist you here.

Don’t get stuck here.

It’s easy to do so when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone in a new way.
Feel good about the work you’ve done here, but don’t let a few handy lists give you a sense of ‘having done enough for right now’. Truth is, you’ve only ‘gotten ready’ to ‘get ready’ when you really think about it.

No slowing down – figure out that next step and make it happen.

Or Hey, You Can Always Give Up

You can always put the idea back up on the shelf. Put it off for another year or two. Tell yourself you’ll get around to it “when you have time”. Then go back to binge-ing your favorite show on Netflix or wasting three hours a day getting that perfect selfie.
Nobody’s holding a gun to your head here.  It’s your idea. Your dreams.  Your future.

You’re the only one who’s going to know you stuffed your dream into a closet with the word “someday” marked on it.

Giving up is easy.  Lots of people do it every day.

They make excuses. They list all the reasons why they can’t succeed.

They spend their time searching for other people to tell them the same thing. Then they feel validated as their dream fades back into obscurity.

You can do that, too—start looking around for justifications. You know… you can’t go after your dreams because you’re not the right size, because your spouse isn’t supportive, or because no one ever taught you how.

Given enough time, you’ll be able to talk yourself out of pretty much anything.
But wait a second. Look back at these lists you’ve made. Consider what you’ve got going for you. Are you really willing to let it all go to waste?

Stop playing small, it becomes a limiting lifestyle if you let it.
Mark today down as the day you took action, the moment you began to breathe life into this vision of yours. Reach out to a coach and schedule an introductory session. Join a business mastermind and share your goal with the other members. Ask for the help you need from a relative or friend and let them step up.

The time for sitting on your keister is over.

Get up, get going, and take action. Only you can decide to pursue your dream, but if I get a vote – I say get moving and never look back!

Do whatever it takes!


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