Tips for making the most of your relationship with your parents Updated for 2021

Updated: February 26, 2021


It’s Thanksgiving weekend.

We had an amazing Thanksgiving lunch with family hosted
by my Uncle and Aunt in the North Hollywood area.

Thanksgiving 2018 with the fambam – at my Uncle Jun’s place:


Just the other day, I got to spend time one on one time Dad.

He’s been battling a tough cough and has been taking prescribed medicine.

I’m hoping it will just go away soon.

No matter what your relationship with your parents might be, it will remain one of the most influential relationships that you are a part of throughout your life. Parents can drive us crazy, but they are often the ones we turn to when we are looking for family history, or to find the missing pieces of ourselves. Whether your relationship with your parents leans towards positive or negative, there are ways you can enhance the relationship. Here are a few of them.

Show Them Respect

Showing your parents respect doesn’t mean doing everything they advise you to do, or tolerating wrong behaviors. It means honoring them simply because of their position. To do this, all you need is to show them love and treat them with kindness and consideration that you would anyone else.

Remember Their Care for You

Your parents likely made plenty of sacrifices to see you succeed. No parent is perfect, but if your parents took care of you and helped you grow into the amazing adult you are today, remember it. Don’t forget about the good times just because you may be having a disagreement at the moment.

Ask Them about Their Past

Your parents will be some of the most interesting people you will meet. This is partly because they lived in a time when you did not yet exist, and partly because they hold a piece of your own history within theirs. Ask them what their childhood was like, and what prompted them to make the decisions they did when they were young. You will be amazed at the stories you uncover.

Learn from Their Wisdom

If your parents have wisdom to give, then receive it. By the time a person has lived much their life, they generally have a lot of wisdom to offer those around them. As their child, you can be first in line to glean it.

Make Time for Each Other

Don’t forget about your parents just because your life is busy. Someday you will be older and missing all the time you once spent with your children, and your parents likely feel the same about you. So continue to nurture this important relationship as you and your parents age together. You will always value this special time.

Build the Connection between Them and Your Children

There is nothing more important than building a link between all the generations in a family. Spend time as family with your parents and children. Build an appreciation for the older generation within your children. How you treat your parents is how your children are learning to treat you, and they will learn well when you are intentional. Your parents will also see, and will appreciate your efforts.

Know Their Intentions

Although your parents surely made many mistakes, as all parents do, take their intentions into consideration. If your parents made their decisions based out of love for you and a desire to do what they believed was best for you, show them grace. Believe that your parents love you, and then do your best to work out your differences.

Relationships with parents can be complicated. There is always room for growth, and there are many ways to nurture and make the most of this relationship. Do what you can and watch your friendship with your parents grow as naturally as it began.

Have a good one,



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