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A secret weapon lead generating tool for you (It’s FREE tool tip Friday) Updated for 2021

Updated: June 19, 2021


Happy Friday!

I’m calling this day “Free Tool Friday”
(although you might see other free tools listed here on my site at any day of the week lol)

I wish I had these two tools when I first started years ago.

First tool is a squeeze or capture page creator:

A squeeze page is a web page but with a specific purpose, to collect contact information, or sometimes, as simple as just the prospects email address.
Once you collect these emails, you can build relationships using email with your visitors.

Once you have an incentive like a free ebook, audio, video etc, create a capture page and add it to your homepage or make it a primary page to your domain to grab visitor info.

The second tools is a link brander or shortner. It help make your links not only shorter but prettier. I use to upload a special code and links to my web host to create these same exact tools (which was a pain in the ass). Now, you don’t have to.

Here, I’ve shortened this url of this post, It went from 102 characters to a
length of 36 charactersto this:

Make it happen,


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