Getting Heard Online

Getting Heard Online

By Bruce Watson Co-Author: Don M. Jenkins.

Stop the Madness

Have you ever felt like enough was enough and that trying to implement these SEO tactics were too much to deal with? Time is very important for any business and I’m sure with running a hotel you certainly do not have time for blogging let alone writing/submitting articles, bookmarking them and finally pinging them. Trying to figure out how to do all of this is extraordinarily hard and know which site to do this for. Currently, there are around 50+ sites to submit articles to as well as 51 sites to bookmark them. Who really has time for this? It would take months for you if you only submitted one article let alone many articles. So what’s the solution?

Plan of Attack

With all things in life, slow and steady with a solid plan is the best way to approach things. Same goes for the tactics mentioned above. I’m assuming that you have the time to do this manually otherwise pay a professional to do this for you. On to the outline:

1. Spend time finding the PROPER KEYWORDS for each article you write.

2. Write the article and include said keywords with a link to your site

3. Submit it to your blog first – this way you ensure ownership of the article you’re about to submit

4. Ping your blog

5. Submit the same blog post as an article to major article sites.

6. Ping the article sites with your provided URL’s

7. Bookmark your blog and article on each site with new URL’s

8. Ping the various bookmark accounts that you have

These are the basic steps involved in getting your site crawled and indexed by all major search engines. Now this looks like a daunting task but taken in baby steps spread out over a few days it’s manageable. On a side note, stay far away from automation software as many are being tracked now by search engines. I’ve seen and heard of many sites getting sand boxed right away after using such software. The only true way to be safe is doing everything manually.

Expected Results

This will vary depending on your website, article, the amount of articles submitted, amount of bookmarks and if all articles have been indexed. Once all is complete, if your keyword research was properly executed then you should be on the top results unless heavily competed for. Most keywords for hotels are not competitive so you should be safe here. If all is done properly then hitting the top rankings on all the major search engines should be fairly easy. Of course your competitors might be doing the same thing or other SEO tactics so this will most likely be an ongoing battle for your property. The reason why you should expect great results is due to the fact that these article and bookmarking site rank really well with frequent updates from the various search engines. By having a bunch of articles your site will look to be authoritative and the search engines like this therefore the higher rankings. Many argue which tactic is better, having high PR back links from other sites or a bunch of articles. Simple answer here is they both work. Getting individual back links is also time consuming since they are all from different sites. On the other hand you can submit the same article to many sites and bookmark them on various sites helps get more links out there faster. There is no scale to say what holds more weight but from my experience having more links on more sites wins. I hope this post helps to explain the process better for you. If you’re still confused give me a call or reply with a question.

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