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Start Your Book Project Without Writer’s Block Updated for 2021

Updated: March 6, 2021


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Start Your Book Project Without Writer’s Block

By Adriel Yapana

Have you ever noticed how when you get started on your book chapter or article writing project you can’t seem to figure out how or where to start the first sentence?

Do you almost always get the “writer’s block”?

Here is what to do:

– Focus. Grab a notepad and write down one topic, just one. Tear out that sheet and put it on your desk. Ponder on that topic.

– Think Topic. Getting stuck on the title of your article. A title can be hard to come up with. First focus on the topic instead. The title will come later.

– Audience Focused. Ask, does your audience give a crap about this topic? What are your pains and discomforts if you don’t solve problems (no matter how small with your topic?

– Add The “So That” Benefits. Take another sheet of paper and write a list of ideas on “Why you should care about the topic?”, “Why is this topic so important?”, or “What problem does this overcome?”

Then go deeper and ask yourself by saying “so that” and then list the benefits you can find.

Make a list of any and all important benefits. Remember it’s the benefits to your audience that sells your idea, not just the content.

Motion Causes Emotion. I will take a walk with a notepad and jot down thoughts and ideas. You see, walking releases chemicals into your brain that help you to feel good, and when you feel good, you get more in tune with your thoughts and emotions. Write about those emotions about your topic.

When you feel good, your writing flows. Your thoughts have clarity.

Now start writing today!

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