Online Marketing – How to Create More Traffic to Your Blog

It’s Adriel of AlivePreneur.com with Today’s Inspirational Quote:

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,
but the stories you tell – Seth Godin

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Online Marketing – How to Create More Traffic to Your Blog

By Adriel Yapana

Do you want to write effortlessly? Do you want more traffic to your blog?

I do.

How can you begin? Simple. Start writing.

Write for yourself, not your target market.

I struggled once with writing articles. Some people could write articles like Tiger Woods swings a 5-iron, but not me.

However, I found a way that makes it easy for me to write articles, so it makes sense but also increases website or blog traffic.

Write about a topic that moves you, that way, your subject flows naturally because you are interested in the topic.

Remember, somewhere in the world is looking for the answer to your same question.

You are doing a unique service by answering that question.

Write for yourself because you are answering a question for more than yourself. That is what’s amazing about the internet. You can find an answer to almost every question.

That’s trying to write about things that move me with emotion.

People want a good story; they want to be entertained and be empowered.

You have your personality, certain attitudes, skills, and knowledge that’s behind your story and that’s what makes your article unique.

If you want better search engine marketing for your article, first write the meat of your article first and weave in keywords within your article, however, make it make sense.

Also, a short 300 words article are fine, especially for most article directories.

Also, I leave out a conclusion. This keeps the reader guessing if there is more to come in your next post about the subject.

Now, write and post something EVERYDAY on your blog.

Have an awesome day,


Resource: http://ezinearticles.com/?Online-Marketing—How-to-Create-More-Traffic-to-Your-Blog&id=3682679

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