Lose Yourself – How To Turn Your Day Around And Manage Stress Updated for 2021

Updated: October 21, 2021


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Escape – How To Turn Your Day Around With Less Stress

By Adriel Yapana

I’m on surface streets at a red light. I’ve been driving for almost an hour. I have about another half hour to go. You see, I have an early morning client that I train several times a day. I’m headed back to my neighborhood of Glendale. Personal training is not always fun times. I have tons of driving to go to and from my clients’ home. I’m not complaining really as my fee includes that “drive time” stuck in traffic. I also use this time to listen to audiobooks. As soon as I get to my home base, I have a ritual of sitting in my car quietly for 10-15 minutes and do some deep, diaphragmatic breathing. I sit with my eyes closed and keep a legal pad next to me as I often have ideas I want to write down.

Understand this – There are no instant miracles when it comes to relieving stress. Follow some of the tips suggested below.

10 minutes of quiet…

When you have something on your mind, do a “brain dump” with all your ideas on paper instead of trying to keep it all in your head.

To have a mental breakthrough, sometimes you need t break a sweat…

For stress reduction, I love how exercise improves my mental health.

Exercise daily. When I do, I process ideas so much better. There is certain energy raised that only exercise can give you. Physical activity to good for the mind.

The endorphins make you feel great.

Go for a walk. Outdoor around your neighborhood. I sometimes go to the local park. Call a friend and step out and make it a fun, going out time of socializing and exercising.

Exercise help increase feels good hormones like endorphins and helps enhance one’s feelings of self-esteem. I find physical activity as the best stress relief. It helps me clear my mind.

By training outside, you’ll feel more refreshed. You have (most of the time) fresh air, and you can enjoy nature. This will lower your stress hormone some studies find. Where you are as far as your environment is much better for stress reduction.

Use spousal support does help to keep you consistent.

Research Indiana State University Bloomington study found that married couples were more consistent when they worked out together. It was a study done over a year long. One main reason, one in four women experience sexual energy increase from partnered training with their spouse. Having a spouse and having a healthy sexual relationship helps relieves tension.

Take a yoga class or do vigorous cardio (this can be a fun dance class, too)

Talk to yourself…

Have frustrations? If you feel like you need to swear, then swear. (be aware of who’s around you) Find a private space and shout out loud. Don’t hold your anger in.

Punch a soft pillow or a punching bag.

Watch something funny like a comedy show on Netflix.

Read a good book or listen to an audiobook you’re interested in.

Get your headset on…

Listen to good music – I like using a noise-canceling headset.

Lie down and listen to relaxing or good music. Wear a Bose headset better quality sound.

I hate going to the dentist. I get stressed out when I have an upcoming appointment. I have to do something to calm down. I bring my iPod with me and listen to good music as they are working away (I’m not a fan of drilling sounds)

The local YMCA has a running track on the roof which I use. I stay away from crowds when I use this.

A warm bath in Epsom salt helps out too. Even rubbing lotion on my body after a hot shower helps relieve stress.

Talking to a friend over the phone and having a good conversation gets my mind off of things.

Healing methods can help…

Massage therapy has many benefits. Your body release hormones similar to a Morphine-like effect and you naturally lower your blood pressure and does a whole host of other benefits.

Breathing time…

Practice diaphragmatic breathing. Like I mentioned earlier of what I do when I get to the destination after driving for some time. This can help with stress and anxiety. It’s easy to do. Extend the belly muscles or lower part of your tummy muscles and ingesting more air in that part of your lungs. 10 minutes a day could do wonders. Sit for a few minutes while in the car before you go to your next appointment or inside your house after a long day at work.

Avoid these to help you relax…

Say no stimulants. Cut down on alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.

Clear your mind and escape. Increase your energy waves with deep breathing in deep through your belly.

Drink camomile tea in the evening. Doing a few relaxing yoga poses like child and “corpse” pose or just sitting in a quiet space with your eyes closed before bed.

Cleaning out junk mail (old telephone books, magazines, etc.) cabinets (old plastic storage containers), old medicine.

On the computer or your video game console…

Playing video games, drawing or doodling on paper. I might not call it creating artwork, but it sure is fun.

Make sure when you play with friends, say, in a basketball game, don’t take it seriously and have fun.

The mop can be your friend…

Cook for the family. But avoid using food as your way to release stress.

I house clean. I organize the cabinets, clean the floor, vacuum, wash the dishes.

No waiting is necessary…

Don’t wait for machine equipment. What’s your back up plan? Do you know how to modify the exercises you do for each body part? Well, you should. This is important for avoiding stress for when waiting for equipment at the gym. Why wait for a particular machine? Do some research and read up on another alternative exercise movement so you can cut through and not waste time when the gym is crowded.

Run for fun with your dog…

Dog walking or running, you choose. Have fun with your pet. Take your dog for a run, jog or brisk walk. Dogs are great for an exercise partner.

You want to ease the tension when you exercise, not add to it.

Read a positive or book on tape audio book while exercising.

Give yourself 5 minutes. Instead of hitting the showers immediately after your exercise, stop your training earlier and find a quiet place to just be still and quiet for 10 minutes. I suggest finding a spot outdoors. Sit back and relax then get cleaned up and dressed.

Find a variety of exercise outlets. Bike ride, hiking, rollerblading or join a charity run. Sign up for a mud run, 5K, play basketball with your friend.

Plan your snacks…

If you get hungry or you need a snack, have something healthy and ready for you to eat.

Instead of peanuts, try eating soy nuts. Instead of a candy bar, try chocolate fruit dip (banana dipped in chocolate fudge). Instead of pretzels, try air popped popcorn. Instead of ice cream, try fruit shake in a blender. Instead of

You’ve got plenty of tips here. Choose a few and take action this week. You must take action on what you feel works best for you.


Keep moving forward,


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