Email Signature – What’s the Message That You Are Sending to Your List? Updated for 2021

Updated: June 19, 2021

Hey bud!

It’s with Today’s Inspirational Quote:

If failure has the strength to turn your life into bitterness itself, then patience has the strength to turn your life into the sweetest joy. Do not surrender to fate after a single failure. Failure, at most, precedes success. – Sri Chinmoy

Email Signature – What’s the Message That You Are Sending to Your List?

By Adriel Yapana

Open your email inbox. What’s at the bottom of each email message. Usually, there’s some sort of link such as a link to be removed from your list or just a signature with a name.

Now you might have a personal email address for family and another for business only. What I’m talking about one for your business contact.

So the other day, I opened my inbox and what did I see… about 9 messages waiting for me (hey, that rhymes) This is my usual morning ritual after my workout and eating breakfast.

Anyways, absolutely no one, except for one email contact, used the bottom area for professional email signature area effectively.

I while back I didn’t quite understand the point, other than you signing off with a name. Mine said “my name” and that was it but as I got involved with more companies and contacted vendor whom I was doing business with, this became apparently more important than ever.

Your signature can be view many times over the year. When you send out daily emails, say 10-30 a day depending on your profession, your passive message goes out quietly, working for you. That’s a ton of messages over a typical 250 days a year worked.

What’s the message that you are sending to your list?

Is yours the same way? You could have listed something that communicated a meaningful quote you held close to you, company promotion or even a meaningful quote. Using embed images such as v-cards. How about using a v-card at the bottom that could work too.

An example I would place are:

-Your tag line or full title
-Your company name
-Your mailing address
-Your fax number
-Your best email address
-Your blog/website

Do put a mailing address? I prefer an actual address and not a PO box. When leaving your email, leave your best email to reach you. People still use fax numbers (most are formatted for emails). So, who are you? What do you do? Most importantly, why the heck would someone want to work with you?

Leave the full title if possible, and not some acronym. For example, C.F.P could mean “certified fitness professional” or “certified financial planner”

Your email signature can easily bring referrals to you. You see, I’m a former Send Out Cards rep. I help people get connected more through physical cards and postcard, video greeting cards.

My signature includes: “Try out my card system for free, it’s on me. the price is right… it’s free!” I get others to try my system or have others send my link to others.

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