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If you’re looking for a free, alternative link shortener service which you can customize long, ugly urls, then grab URL.LV ==> CLICK HERE This is a free pro version of their service – they are still in the development stages.

Those using google URL shortener know that service is closing down by March 2019. (a url shortener with nice touches)
I dont know have a full list of features and at 1st glance it looks like but it’s does more.

Without any guess work, without any wasted time… you can have an ugly-looking link turned from this…

To This.. Easy, Fast, Efficient…

Some features include….Unlimited amount of links, ability to edit and delete, instant stats, share on 2 FB accounts and/or 2 Twitter Accounts (they will be adding more social sites and increasing the 2 account limit).

Grab an account while PRO version is still free! CLICK HERE

Much love,


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