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You don’t sell, YOU SERVE (and something VERY personal) Updated for 2021

Updated: March 7, 2021


This is VERY personal…

Later this year will mark the 3 year heaven anniversary of my dearest Mama.

My mom was someone who inspired me when I needed inspiration.

Me holding her hand July 18, 2015

One of the things I loved about Mama were her priorities.

Her love for…

A) God B) dad C) children D) family E) serve others

Here is her eulogy I shared at her funeral mass on July 26, 2015

I lost my superhero today…

There’s a quote I heard – We do not remember days, we remember moments.

I’d like to share a few intimate and personal moments with you all in hopes of honoring the incredible human being my mom was.

Love more. Mom invested in her spiritual faith in God for as long as I remember. She often taught Catechism classes during her spare time when we were younger (in fact, my sister was in one of her classes during the 6th grade and caused her much trouble) and she made sure for us to never miss Sunday mass together as a family.

Through her commitment with God Heavenly Father, her example to live life and message instilled in me was simple – Love and serve others more. Mom was a great example of that.

Seek growth, not attention. Mom had the ultimate patience and believed in me when others didn’t. I remember I was about 21 years old and got involved in the direct sales industry and wanted to go to a sales rally and training in Provo, Utah. The goal was to take a new potential prospect with me to this seminar. I didn’t have anyone so I asked her. She said yes, of course. She being too afraid to drive the 17  foot long Cadillac Deville we rented, she became the best passenger, co-pilot (Thomas guide only lol – no smart phones with GPS yet) serving me water, soda, snacks… spoon fed me cut up fruits as I was driving. We drove up the 15 freeway leaving one early Friday morning. With the windows down, breeze flowing and listening to all types of types of music and motivational audios – we made it under 13 hours including the few gas stops. We had a blast at the weekend seminar. Dancing around/excited as we heard different speakers, cheering – high five-ing others and meeting people for all over the world.

One of the speakers was talking about diamonds. He said: Diamonds are nothing more but chunks of coal that stick to their jobs.” You see, Diamonds are created when the earth’s mineral undergo great amount of heat and pressure.

When I had some difficult times in life I was not gonna let that define my circumstances. I thank mom who encouraged me to invest in my personal development by encouraging me to learn, taking responsibility for my life and having patience that good things will come if you stuck to the road no matter how challenging and eventually, that Diamond in me will emerge. Mom always believed in me and having that was the best blessing, the best support system I could ever ask for.


Be tough. Mom inspired me to inspired others. It was December 2004 and she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. The following year, she had a mastectomy  and undergone chemotherapy therapy and radiation. I remember Dad and I rocked the bald head look for her to give her solidarity and times when we stood together, side by side we looked like a pair of “two thumbs up” from the back. Mom was a brave and just tough as nails. (We were her drivers and bodyguards) I knew that chemo killed every healthy living and as well as all the bad cells in her body and fatigue and other symptoms would be one of the side effects. Dad and I would switch off taking her or picking her up from doctor visits. If she was fatigued, she didn’t show it to others. We were so happy for her when she went into remission. That experience opened our eyes and nothing would be taken for granted. She went on to work and finally retired in 2012.

Even after her cancer recurrence, she continue to live life as fully alive as best she could and traveled around the world. Her last trip was taken in June where she spent 3 weeks at in Lourdes, France.

I want to share a quote she left on the white board on the last day of work for all her DWP co-workers:

Don’t let your past rob your future. Each new day is a chance to make a new beginning. Count your blessing, live with gratitude and love with all your heart.

Week-long Sapphire Princess Cruise to Ensenada with Ashley, Adriel Jr., Mom and Dad pre-Adison and in Dayla 2012


Here are my mom’s personal list of Last Wishes – I’d like to share it with you all.


If anyone asks how I want to be remembered…


I wish to have my family and friends know that I love them.


I wish to be forgiven for the times I have hurt my family, friends, and others.


I wish for my family and friends to know that I do not fear death itself. I think it is not the end, but a new beginning for me.


I wish all of my family members to make peace with each other before my death, if they can.


I wish for my family and friends to think about what I was like before I became seriously ill. I want them to remember me in this way after my death.


And finally


I wish everyone know I did my best for my family and God. Look for the good in everybody and in everything that you do.


Closing – I encourage everyone to say “I love you to your friends and family…Give some gratitude… smell the roses… show your love, not just say it often… because we only have so many tomorrows. I lost my hero two Sundays ago but how grateful and so super blessed I am to be her son.

Her tribute and guestbook page (always open for comments):

Dayla Quinn at 6 months old taken July 7, 2015

Adison David helping Mama to get to the “blue lava” (blue carpeted area with a big tv) taken June 2015


Mom, rest your beautiful soul.

Your only son,




Always be proud of who you are. You are someone very special.

If you want to inspire others, focus on helping others.

Selling will be a byproduct.. Simply, you don’t sell, you serve. –  Adriel Yapana

(and yes, my mom was a master sales person with her ability to serve others! – thanks for your continued inspiration)


If someone you knows dies, what can you do about their social media accounts? There’s easy steps you can take to go about this.

I found in this article: How to delete online accounts when someone dies.  I know my dad and sister had access to my mother’s facebook account to make account changes.

Go here to set up a legacy contact to your facebook account.

Remembering my Mama – July 19, 2018

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