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Prepare NOW for What Is Coming

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hey guys, It’s Wednesday… Day 3 of self isolation Give a listen.. be ahead of the changes. New to working from home? I’ll be posting new stuff about this topic in the coming days so look out. Stay strong and healthy, Adriel

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She Sounded and Looked Awful

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi friend, Happy Friday. On Wednesday, I decided to “facetime” with my aunt to say “hi”. She answered her iphone – looked AND sounded horrible!! She said she just left the hospital the other day before as concerns if it my be the Coronavirus. Thank goodness it was not. She just has the common flu. …

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Waitress’ Reason It’s Slower Than Usual Business May Shock You

Reading Time: 7 minutes Just this other day, we treated ourselves for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant in Hollywood called Yai’s. You see, I sold my SUV earlier that day. My Toyota Sequoia is 18 years old with 181,300 miles. Still running but in slightly less than fair conditions. It had been sitting parked for the majority of…


6 Year Old Finds Abundance All Around

Reading Time: 7 minutes Some days, I feel so overwhelmed and stressed out… nothing like a good walk to help free my mind and come up with solutions. Took my 6 and 5-year-old – Adison and Dayla to the Griffith Park trails and each day we spend time, I’m always admiring the beauty in their curiosity and how they…

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‘GaryVee’ Style Videos Using This Tool

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hey friend, How are you? I hope you’re doing a-m-a-z-i-n-g! You’ve probably read here in this blog that I’m a super big fan of Content Samurai and I’m also a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk (or GaryVee) – he’s a best selling author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who’s also worked with some of the top Fortune…

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Does This Blue-Haired Boy Have Super Powers?

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s Tuesday. Just a little over two weeks ago, one of my favorite, local idols…a worldwide known basketball legend passed away. I respected Kobe, even more, when he transferred his passionate of basketball after retirement investing even more time with his family, his wife, and doing his very best in raising his girls (as I…


People do not decide to become extraordinary

Reading Time: < 1 minute Good Day Life Changer! Happy Saturday! Just sharing 2 quotes I came across that struck me this morning… hope they inspire you, too. “You fall into the trap of being mediocre. If you’re OK with being mediocre, then you’re going to be mediocre.” – From Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher  “People do not decide…


9 Simple Ways to Develop Creativity

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s Friday and I’m feeling great as my kids (especially for my daughter who just started TK) made it through a whole week without a major meltdown at school lol. We also worked on a craft project for the 100 days of school celebration and finishing some of mine and my daughters’ project at home…

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This smartphone video editor is super fun and easy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hi There Friend! Happy Thursday! Today is a “cold” low 50’s but sunny day in my neck of the woods of Glendale, CA which makes it a perfect day to go for a walk/bodyweight training outside. I remember back years ago, video editing had to be done on my massive desktop computer. You’d have to…